Kern - LaserCELL

The LaserCELL is a complete laser cutting and engraving system featuring the perfect blend of performance and safety.

Standard Size: 52" x 50" (1320mm x 1270mm)

LaserCELL is available in a range of power options:
100w, 150w, 200w, 250w, 400w

A fully enclosed (Class 1) design allows the LaserCELL to be placed in high-traffic areas such as busy factory floors and university classrooms. Access points are available at the front, back and  sides of the machine making part loading/unloading and maintenance simple and convenient.

The LaserCELL debuts Kern’s next generation HyperDual motion system. This redesigned motion package has transformed the LaserCELL into Kern’s fastest and most productive machine to date. Lasers from 50 to 400 watts can be placed onto the LaserCELL platform.

The Pipe Rotary, K-Vision Camera Registration and Metal Cutting system options are all compatible with the LaserCELL equipment

Specifications and Compatible Materials

Click the links below to find out more about the Kern LaserCELL specifications and a list of compatible materials.

Kern LaserCELL Specifications

Compatible Materials - CO2 Lasers

Kern LaserCELL Brochure

Laser Comparison Chart

Lasercell TOUR

Check out the video below to get a full tour of the Kern LaserCELL and all it has to offer.

Kern Lasercell FEATURES

Check out some of the most impressive features of the Kern LaserCELL below.


The HyperDual package features a dual servo motor/rack and pinion design resulting in greatly improved speed and acceleration. The accuracy and repeatability of the LaserCELL’s motion system well exceeds the demands of Kern’s growing customer base.


Kern’s LightWAVE are pulsed metal cavity CO2 lasers, with exceptional power stability and an ultra-efficient RF design. CO2 lasers from 100-400 watts can be installed on the MICRO model. Kern’s LightWAVE laser sources are made in the USA.


The LaserCELL is built around a precision machined, heavy-duty steel weldment as the machine base. The one piece weldment allows for the machine to arrive fully assembled, greatly reducing installation time.


A vacuum blower package removes fumes and small debris created during laser processing. An integrated downdraft table holds material secure to the table as it is being processed. All hoses and hardware between the laser system and blower are included.


A closed-loop chilling unit properly cools the laser source and beam delivery during operation. This level of temperature control ensures a long laser lifetime and consistent cutting and engraving results.


A high-performance computer and monitor package is included with each system. KCAM laser software, CorelDRAW® and an easy-to-use PDF converter are pre-installed on the computer.

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Metal cutting

Kern’s CO2 and Fiber laser systems can be equipped with innovative metal cutting technology. The metal cutting option allows for accurate cutting of sheet metals like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

Check out the video below to get a full tour of the Kern metal cutting option and all it has to offer.

 The Automatic Focusing Height Follower, developed by Kern Laser Systems, is one of the key elements for optimal metal cutting. The cutting nozzle is controlled by a capacitance sensor and z-axis motor. The gap between the metal being cut and the cutting nozzle can adjust until the desired beam focus is obtained. As the cutting process begins, the height follower will track the surface of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z axis maintaining a constant focus point while the metal is being cut. A protective K-Lens(CO2) or F-Lens(Fiber) is installed inside of the delivery lens assembly. These lenses are a low cost, sacrificial lens which help protect the focusing lenses from reflected laser energy, dust and debris. The metal cutting table is constructed of durable grid work which minimizes the surface contact with the bottom of the metal being cut. The slat file that makes up the grid work is saved onto the computer and replacement slats can be cut on the laser system.

Advanced metal cutting features in the KCAM Laser Software allows for complete control of the metal cutting process. A laser dwell delay is available ensuring the laser pierces through the metal before the motion of the cut begins. The nozzle air pressure can be set independently for the laser dwell, normal laser cutting and jog between parts. The laser’s modulation frequency can be set from 500 – 50,000 Hz to achieve a dross free cut which eliminates the need for a secondary deburring process.

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