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Max Pro Vision Engraver

The MAX Pro Engraver was developed to be Vision's most versatile machine to date, allowing for engraving of flat, deep, round or odd-shaped items in one compact, easy-to-use machine. The system is frequently used as a glass engraving machine, but its automatic surface-sensing feature allows for flat and curved surface engraving on a wide range of other materials as well, such as plastic, brass, coated and non-coated metals, artificial stone, crystal, and more. The system includes Vision’s Auto Laser Layout feature, which sends the engraving area and position directly to the software without measuring

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  • Interchangeable, self-centering vice with tilt for engraving deep, long or odd-shaped items
  • Built-in cylindrical feature for engraving round items
  • Self-contained, recirculating water pump for use as a glass engraving machine
  • Red laser pointer for easy job set-ups
  • Removable 8” x 12” aluminium t-slot table
  • Limited 2-year warranty



Vision Express (Vision Expert or PRO optional)

Maximum Work Area 

8” x 12” (203 x 305mm)

Maximum Work Piece Clearance 

Flat 14"(L) x Any Width x 7"(H) (355 x Any Width x 178mm)

Cylindrical 12" x 6" (305 x 152mm) Diameter 

Z-Axis Stroke 

3” (76mm)

Spindle Type 

11/64", 6mm or 1/4" Top Loading

Resolution / Speed 

0.0002” - 10”/sec

Table Type 

Aluminium T-slot, Cylindrical




Built-In with Series 4 Pendant


2 Year Limited

Power Requirements 

220V 10 Amp

Physical Dimensions 

28”(W) x 28”(D) x 26”(H)


353lbs (160kg)

Additional Options

Top/Bottom Collet, Ring Attachment 


We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories to compliment your Vision engraver or router.  From clamps and vices to rotary attachments if you have an unusual piece to handle we have a solution!

Wedge Clamp

Wedge Clamp

Simply slide the clamp onto the T-slot table surface and position it over the edge of the engraving stock. The downward clamping force eliminates bowing and warping problems. This clamp can be used with material up to 1/4” (6.45mm) thick. Fits all Vision T-slot tables

Edge Clamp

Edge Clamp

This clamp is designed to secure engraving materials from the top surface and avoids bowing in most applications. This clamp will hold material thicknesses of 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.5mm, and 3.0mm by rotating the clamp and tightening a thumbscrew. Fits all Vision T-slot tables

Corner Clamp

Corner Clamp

This clamp is designed to hold down square or rectangular plates. By lining up the “V” cut-out of the clamp with the corner of the plate, the engraver is allowed maximum engraving space. It will accommodate material as thin as 0.8mm. Fits all Vision T-slot tables

Universal Clamping Bars, Medallion Holder

Universal Clamping Bars, Medallion Holder

These clamping bars hold small flat items, including name badges with pin backs, securely. By rotating the clamping bars they will hold 1 to 3 round objects at a time. This allows you to engrave multiple notary seals, coasters, paperweights, and a variety of other circular items. With a place for the “eye” of medallions, this clamp adapts to any vice or table that has a T-slot system

Push-Down Clamp

Push-Down Clamp

This double-sided clamp secures items from the edge. It is ideal for items that are being cut, contoured, or engraved. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.

Seal Fixture

Seal Fixture

This fixture enables engraving on 1 5/8" & 2" diameter notary seals, medallions, coasters, paperweights, and other round objects. Can be used with the Quick-Lock or Versa Vise. Fits all Vision T-slot tables

Engraving Tools

We offer a variety of 1/4" and 11/64"collet engraving tools including cutters, bevellers and diamond drag etc.  



All new Vision machines come supplied with Express version software. This dedicated easy to use software package can be upgraded to suit your system and project requirements. Three levels of software are available Vision Express, Vision Expert and Vision Pro

Seklema Hold-Down Mat

Seklema Hold-Down Mat

Seklema eliminates the need for double sided tape, clamps, vacuum tables, and most other hold down methods on many engravable items. Multi Mat will hold most types of engraving stock, including brass, aluminium, plastic, and acrylic. Just press it into place on any size engraving table and you’re ready to go, and because Multi Mat is produced with a special rubber coating on both sides, it cleans easily for extended use

NSK High Frequency 50,000 rpm Engraving Spindle

NSK High Frequency 50,000 rpm Engraving Spindle

This high frequency spindle is perfect for deep engraving into metals! The high RPM allows cutters to stay sharp much longer for increased production, and allows for much faster speed in engraving. Includes control box; no nose cone. It is available as an option for our 16 Series and 24 Series Engravers, as well as our 25 Series Routers (with engraving head option). 

UNIST Misting System

UNIST Misting System

The Unist Micro-Dispensing Coolant System with solenoid, delivers a fine mist of lubricant directly to the point of contact.   significantly reduce the cost and volume of cutting fluid used in metal cutting, forming, and stamping operations. Applying a vegetable-based, biodegradable lubricant in controlled amounts will reduce wear and tear of cutting tools during machining operations.

Pen Engraving Kit

Pen Engraving Kit

This fixture allows you to engrave around the outside of most pens.(Compatible with the MAX and Max Pro.)

Ring Attachment

Ring Attachment

This fixture allows you to engrave around the inside and outside of most rings or other cylindrical objects.(Compatible with the MAX and Max Pro.) 
Minimum Diameter 5/8" (16mm) Maximum Diameter  4" (102mm)

Multiple Universal Pin Fixture Vice

Multiple Universal Pin Fixture Vice

This combination of a Versa Vice and three universal pin fixtures enables quick and easy setup for engraving multiple items of various shapes. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.

Versa Vice

Versa Vice

The Versa Vice can be used alone or in conjunction with other fixtures to hold a variety of shapes and sizes.

Diamond Drag Adapter

Diamond Drag Adapter

The diamond drag adapter screws onto the end of almost any spindle and allows simple & solid mounting for diamond scratch engraving. Spindle bearing strain is totally eliminated using this device.

Pen & Medallion Fixture

Pen & Medallion Fixture

This is a double-sided fixture that when turned in one direction accommodates a pen and when turned in the other direction accommodates a medallion, seal, or other circular item. With a space for the “eye” of the medallion, this fixture is usable with the Versa Vice or Quick-Lock vice. Fits all Vision T-slot tables

Quick-Lock Vice

Quick-Lock Vice

This vice is specifically designed for T-slot table users. Its “cam” type locking device allows for quick changing of parts .It is supplied with a removable front clamping plate which allows for holding thicker items. Fits all Vision T-slot tables. 

Small Self Centring Vice

Small Self Centring Vice

This fixture allows you to hold various small items such as nameplates. Dowel pin settings allow this item to work with most Vision fixtures for even more versatility

Universal Pin Fixture

Universal Pin Fixture

Available for the Versa Vice, Quick-Lock Vice, Vision T-slot table, and Self-Centring Vice. These fixtures enable engraving on all unique-sized pens, lighters, knives, key-chains, and many other irregular-shaped items.

Vacuum Chip Removal System

Vacuum Chip Removal System

The chip removal system uses a combination of quiet vacuum pump, kink resistant hose and nose cone to extract debris from the immediate engraving/routing area keeping your work clean. The unit has a large filtered canister with replaceable collection bag. 


What is a mechanical engraving or routing system?

A mechanical engraving or routing system is machine attached to a computer which allows you to mark, engrave or cut a vast range of materials including metal using a high speed spinning tool.  .

What are the advantages with a mechanical system?

With a mechanical engraving or routing system you have an endless variety of tools to choose from making them extremely versatile allowing you to engrave/cut virtually any hard material including metals to depth.
Mechanical systems also allow you to produce accurate, repeatable, cost effective work in considerably less time than it takes to do the same work by hand.

How easy is it to use?

Learning as with any system can vary, depending on how technically inclined the individual is. However Vision offers software that adjusts to your level of expertise, making our engraving and routing systems very easy to learn and use from novice to experts alike.

Do I need to use a dedicated graphic software package?

Vision systems are supplied with dedicated 'easy to use' Windows based software. Different packages are offered depending on the application and features required

Vision Express is our Entry-level software offering a wide range of advanced features that is easily accessible for immediate productivity and ROI.

Vision Expert is our Mid-level software which include all features in Vision Express, plus many additional graphics, text, full grade 2 Braille support & engraving capabilities. Vision Pro is our highly advanced software, with a slew of features, you’ll be able to adjust different variables and setting to your specifications allowing you to unleash the full capabilities of your Vision Engraver or CNC Router

What sort of images can I engrave or cut?

The Vision software contains a variety of pre loaded fonts designed to optimise your engraving. However true type fonts and logos can also be imported and processed for engraving.

What materials can I engrave or cut?

You can engraver or cut; metal, wood, plastic and glass. The versatility of our systems allow for a variety of materials and applications.

Do I need an engraver, router or combined system?

It depends on your application and what materials you’re working with. We have small to large systems available with a multitude of option and accessories, allowing you to do parts marking, awards engraving, custom signage, wood working, fabrication, tags and much more. Because of the versatility of our systems the ideal would be to talk to one of our machine specialist who can help you find the perfect solution for your engraving and or CNC routing needs.

What are the computer requirements?

Computer requirements listed below.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU: Dual Core (2.0GHz or higher)
  • Hard Drive: 120 GB
  • RAM: 1GB + OS Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 8 32/64 Bit
  • Windows 7 32/64 Bit
  • Windows Vista 32/64 Bit
  • Windows XP 32 Bit
  • Ports: USB port for security dongle
  • Local or network Ethernet port to connect machine

Suggested System Requirements:

  • CPU: Quad Core (3.0 GHz or higher)
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB (or more)
  • RAM: 4GB + OS Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 8 32/64 Bit
  • Windows 7 32/64 Bit
  • Ports: USB port for security dongle
  • Local or network Ethernet port to connect machine


What is a chip removal system?

A chip removal system is a vacuum system that attaches to your engraver or CNC router and helps keep the work area clear of dust and debris that has been removed from your application material.

How do I know which tool to use? 

Our customer support department can assist you in choosing the right tool for the job.

Can I engrave cylindrical items?  

Our MAX and MAX Pro Engraving machines have a built in cylindrical feature. They can engrave cylindrical, flat, and odd shaped items. We also have an accessory for our CNC routers that adds a third rotational axis; allow them to work with cylindrical shaped items.

What does a mechanical system cost?

The cost of our Vision systems vary according to machine size and the accessories required. They can be bought outright or leased through one of our finance partners. Our entry level engraver is the Vision Express and can be leased for as little as £?? per week subject to terms and conditions. For more information on how to own your own laser please contact our sales team.



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