How can merchandisers use laser engraving to boost business?

Thursday 30th January 2020

Materials used for laser engraving

Merchandisers have to be able to respond nimbly to customers' demands - and that means flexibility and potential for new avenues to respond to commercial demands is crucial in the merchandising and customization industry.

Luckily, merchandisers choosing laser engraving to enhance their business have plenty of compatible materials to choose from.

For example, the Epilog Zing 16 is capable of engraving over twenty different materials, including marble, wood veneer, cloth and leather.

This level of versatility allows merchandisers to take on a much larger range of jobs for customers, and the use of laser technology provides an immediate positive impact on your turnaround times for the same well-served clients.

Your client list could expand, too: the ability of your service to work with materials such as marble and wood veneer means you can provide engraving services as part of support to other businesses completing larger bespoke projects.

Manufacturers whose laser engraving machines are exclusively distributed through CSI offer engraving technology for small businesses - new opportunities won't force new commitments to new workspace as part of your investment.

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