Finding laser engraving materials for your business

Friday 6th September 2019

Which materials can I use for laser engraving?

Laser technology has developed to far, far surpass the sort of capabilities seen in Hollywood movies - but then has Hollywood ever been real life?

In the real world the development of laser engraving technology, and the growth in the range of laserable materials means that it's simply a prudent business enquiry to check whether the materials your business handle can be modified with the help of lasers.

Major manufacturer Epilog, who have led the way in developing space-efficient laser technology for even the smallest business premises, give an excellent overview here.

One excellent general example of how laser engraving has now become technology used across sectors using a range of non-metal materials is the accessory customisation industry - it's now perfectly possible to engrave mobile phones, tablets and leather accessories at an industrial, profitable scale.

So there's no need to think that the materials you use as part of your service bar you from capitalising on new technology to grow your own enterprise.

If your business works with wood, cardboard, plastic, rubber, marble or glass then laser engraving will enhance your service.

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