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Rack Star

The Rack Star from Rowmark. It is described as a low-contact modular cutting table system which is techno speaks for a table jig which can be adjusted to hold a variety of product without clamping so that it can be laser marked. If you are the owner of a laser engraver I can guarantee that, at some point you have had to think about making a jig to hold a particular product or hold multiple items across the bed. Once made these jigs are priceless but they can take a lot of time to design and put together perhaps after several prototypes to get it right. The addition of a Rack Star to your laser system may be the solution?

rack star

The Rack Star has been specifically designed for laser equipment and comes in a range of sizes to fit the most popular laser models from 18" x 12" up to 24" x 48". It consists of aluminium frame with a grid of cone shaped alignment pins into which you can insert a collection of repositionable acrylic “risers” and “v-blocks" which can hold items horizontally or vertically. There is also a range of finished jigs available through the Rowmark website or you can download pre designed templates in pdf and Corel format to cut yourself. 



The Rack Star offers the following USP's:

*Easy to install and remove

* Holds uniquely shaped items

* Objects can be secured horizontally or vertically

* Adjustable pin rails and accessories

*Durable aluminium construction

The Rack Star is easy to install/remove and is a great cost effective way of holding one off or multiple pieces. A must for all laser owners!

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